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Top 3 Egg Cookers & Poachers

Egg Cookers have taken the hard out of egg cooking thanks to their technology. All egg cookers provide different features and they can all cook from one egg to multiple at a time, which is perfect for larger families all seeking quick breakfast in the morning.

However hard you like your eggs, you can be sure that with an egg cooker and its features they will get cooked to the same standard consistently every morning. If you are currently on the lookout for a new egg cooker, have a look at the three below which are three of the best on the current market.

Swan SF21020N Review – Our Number 1

Swan SF21020N ReviewThe Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler And Poacher (Shop now) will cook your eggs to perfection thanks to its quick egg cooking technology. Whether you like your eggs hard or runny, with this egg cooker your eggs will be cooked within a timely manner to suit your tastes. This small egg cooking product has a variety of features to make cooking eggs a lot easier, and with just a few adjustments you can have your perfect eggs within minutes. Have a look at some of the features this product is able to provide:

  • Three cooking settings – Depending on how you like your eggs will depend on the cooking setting you choose. This Saw Egg Cooker has three different cooking options to suit your tastes. Choose from soft, medium, or hard eggs with this easy to adjust cooker.
  • Buzzer – This egg cooker comes with a handy buzzer that will alert you as soon as your eggs have finished cooking. Whether you are in the kitchen at the time or out of the room, you will be able to her when your eggs are finished.
  • Stainless Steel Design – The stainless steel design this egg cooker consists of is ready to compliment any kitchen design. The stainless steel lid is also easy to clean if any egg access gets on to it.
  • Poach or boil – Depending on how you like your eggs, you will be able to choose between either poached or boiled to suit your needs. This is great especially if you fancy something different from morning to morning.
  • Multiple eggs – This brilliant little egg cooker can boil up to seven eggs at any one time which makes it a firm family favourite in the mornings before the school run. If you prefer your eggs poached, you will be able to cook three eggs at any one time.

This egg cooker is perfect for bigger families that always find themselves in a rush every morning before school. Simply pop the chosen amount of eggs in and choose the setting, then shut the lid and when you here the buzz your eggs are ready to enjoy – it doesn’t get any simpler than that. If you are looking for a simple egg cooker that is simple and affordable, this one should definitely be considered.


Features: Seven eggs at a time – Three poached eggs at a time – Stainless Steel Design – Buzz when done

Pricing: Affordable

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Severin Sevof EK 3161 Review – Number 2

Severin Sevof EK 3161 ReviewIf you are looking for a quick way of cooking tasty boiled eggs in the morning, then the Sevein Sevof EK 3161 Egg Boiler is just the item you need in your kitchen. This egg boiler can boil up to three eggs at a time within just a few minutes so you can concentrate on getting ready whilst you are waiting. Simply turning this egg boiler on, adding eggs and choosing the right setting to suit your tastes is all that is required to boil tasty eggs in the morning. Have a look at some of the features this egg boiler provides:

  • Boil multiple eggs – You will be able to boil up to three eggs at any one time with this little egg cooker, which is great for multiple people in the morning to enjoy.
  • Measuring cup – This product comes with a measuring cup so you know exactly how much water you need to add depending on how many eggs you are looking to boil.
  • Adjustable hardness – Depending on how hard you like your eggs, you will easily be able to select the hardness setting to suit your tastes.
  • Two year warranty – This product comes fully equipped with two year warranty so you will have peace of mind knowing you are covered should anything with your product go wrong.
  • Buzz when it’s ready – When your eggs are cooked to your desired hardness, you will be alerted by a buzzer to let you know they are ready to eat.

The German Severin company has been producing quality egg cookers for a while now so they know a thing or two when it comes to producing quality egg products. If you are looking for a very simple egg cooker that is very affordable, you should definitely consider buying this Severin Egg Cooker.


Features: Three eggs at a time – Buzzer – Measuring Cup – Two year warranty – Adjustable hardness

Pricing: Affordable

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Brabantia BBEK1151 Review – Number 3

Brabantia BBEK1151 ReviewThe Brabantia brand always produces good quality kitchen products and their egg boiler range is no different. The Brabantia BBEK1151 Egg Boiler takes the stress out of boiling eggs using a sauce pan so you can concentrate on other important things in the morning such as getting ready for work. Have a look at some of the features this product provides to make cooking eggs very simple:

  • Multiple eggs – This Brabantia egg boiler is able to handle seven eggs at a time meaning it is perfect for bigger families looking to quickly eat breakfast in the morning and get out of the door.
  • Buzzer – This egg boiler comes equipped with a buzzer so you will be fully alerted when all seven eggs are cooked to your tastes.
  • Easy to maintain – This product was designed to be easy to maintain and it can be easily cleaned within a couple of minutes thanks to its detachable components.
  • Auto switch off – An auto switch off feature will automatically cut the power as a safety measure if it isn’t active for a while.

This Brabantia product is a very handy egg boiler for the whole family and with its simple features makes it one of the best egg boilers on the market. If you are looking for a top quality egg boiling product in the morning then this Brabantia BBEK1151 Egg Boiler will provide you with that exact experience.


Features: Cooks Seven Eggs – Easy to clean and use – Auto switch off – Alert buzzer

Pricing: Affordable

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All of the egg boilers in this list are very affordable and offer something different than their competitors. The Brabantia BBEK 1151 and Severin Egg Boilers are perfect for early risers and they don’t come far behind top spot. But the Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler and poacher allows users to have both boiled and poached eggs whenever they see fit, which is why it gets the nod as the best egg boiler in this list.

Whatever your needs for an egg cooker, you can be sure the above three products will suit your needs with ease, but with a stainless steel design and the ability to cook poached eggs as well means the Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler And Poacher should definitely be considered above the rest.

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