Galanz Rice Cooker Review 2020 – 2021

Galanz Electric Multi Rice Cooker

The powerful 700w Galanz Electric Multi Rice Cooker will definitely benefit anybody looking for convenience when cooking rice without any hassle. It is a product that can just be left alone whilst the rice is cooking, and it has a handy keep warm feature that will automatically come into play when the food is cooked. This means that if you are away from the kitchen, you will be able to come back and serve the food whilst it is still warm even if you don’t come back for 30 minutes after it is finished. The rice cooker (Shop now) itself is great for larger families as it has a 3 Litre cooked rice capacity that users can take advantage of.

galanz-electric-multi-rice-cookerIn terms of durability and great tasting rice, it doesn’t get better than this product and you will find it doesn’t get any easier to use either. Simply fill it up with rice, press a button and away you go. Galanz wanted to manufacture a product that was not only compact and simple, but also a product that could cook rice that tastes great, and they have certainly achieved that with this product.

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If you always find that boiling rice doesn’t always end up like anything other than slop, then you will find that this rice cooker takes all of the hard work out of it and cooks great tasting rice that is consistent all the time. If you are looking for a new rice cooker then this one should definitely be considered. Have a look at some of the other features this product is able to provide:

  • Keeps food warm – Once the cooker has finished cooking your chosen food, it will automatically switch to a “keep warm” state and will keep all food warm until you have the chance to open it up and serve. It will alarm you once the food has finished cooking and automatically initiate the warm state.
  • 3 Litre Cooked rice capacity – If you are cooking already cooked rice then you will be able to fit up to 3 Litres of it in one container. If you are looking to cook raw rice then you will be able to cook up to 1 Litre at a time.
  • 8 different functions – You can cook a variety of food using this rice cooker thanks to its multi-function technology. You can cook porridge, quick rice, soup, yogurt, cake, and much more.
  • Pre-set timer – Depending on what you are cooking will depend on the time it is cooked for and as this rice cooker comes with a pre-set timer will ensure you know exactly how long you are cooking for.
  • Reheat – This rice cooker comes with a reheat function so when the “keep warm” feature is no longer activated, you will be able to reheat your food once cooked with ease.
  • Serve a whole family – Thanks to this rice cookers capacity means it is possible to cook for up to 4 people in any one serving, making it one of the most convenient rice cookers around.
  • LCD Control Panel – You will easily be able to choose between a multitude of settings thanks to the LCD control panel that comes integrated within this rice cooker.
  • Controlled temperature – This rice cooker comes with controlled temperature technology so you can ensure all food is cooked accurately.
  • Detachable cord – When you have finished with the rice cooked you can easily detach the power cord for easy storage.
  • Non-stick food compartment – Whatever food you choose to cook using this Galanz rice cooker, you can be sure that it is going to be easy to serve and won’t stick thanks to its non-stick compartment.
  • Carry handle – This product is very easy to put away with one hand thanks to the easy carry handle that is attached.

Rice cookers don’t get much better than this Galanz product. It has all of the features you need to cook great rice every time, and it isn’t complex to use at all. Whether you are an experienced chef or a complete amateur when it comes to cooking, you can be sure the Galanz rice cooker is going to save you a lot of time and make rice cooking very simple. In terms of price tag, it is a bit hefty in terms it can only cook a few ingredients, but the quality rice you get out of it means it is perfect for regular rice eaters. This product should definitely be considered by anyone looking for a new rice cooker, or anyone that has trouble cooking great tasting rice altogether.


Features: Easy carry – 3 Litre capacity for cooked rice – LCD Display – Multiple Functions – Non-stick

Pricing: Mid-Range

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Tefal Rice Cooker Review 2020 – 2021

Tefal MultiCook Advanced Rice Cooker

The French cookware brand in Tefal has been providing quality kitchen products to the cooking community for over 70 years now and continues to be one of the most popular brands around. They have a diverse range of products that delve into a variety of kitchen markets to suit the needs of their users.

Their Tefal MultiCook Advanced Rice Cooker (Shop now) offers something different than the rest of their products because this one is able to cook a variety of foods to suit the needs of the consumer. If you are currently looking for a product that is not only able to handle your rice requirements, but also porridge in the mornings and even baby food, then the Tefal MultiCook could be what you’re looking for.

tefal-multicook-advancedIts patented spherical aluminium bowl included with the purchase will ensure consistent cooking regardless of the food, and with other features such as the LCD Control Panel to help you adjust times and select programs, makes this one of the best mini cookers on the market.

This cooker comes with 45 different programs to suit multiple ingredients so you can be sure that whatever you are cooking you can just select a program and it will do the rest of the work. Of course, the programs won’t always suit your tastes, which is why Tefal designed another feature in DIY Chef that will help you save your own programs for later use. Have a look at some of the other many features this Tefal product provides:

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  • LCD Control Panel – The handy LCD control panel will let you make any adjustments to cooking to suit your needs. You will also be able to select different programs and check on the time remaining, along with many other features the LCD control panel comes with.
  • Large 5 Litre Capacity – If you have a large family this Tefal cooker is perfect. It has a 5 litre capacity cowl so you can cook up to 20 portions at any one time, making this multi-cooker one of the most convenient on the market.
  • Aluminium Bowl – The aluminium bowl included within this rice cooker is patented because of its spherical design that contains 5 layers for the best cooking results. This means that the rice is cooked evenly throughout the cooking process for even better tasting rice.
  • Automatic time adjustment – Depending on the cooking ingredients you use in this Tefal cooker will depend on the time it takes to cook. The automatic time adjustment technology will take into account what you are cooking and will adjust the time to suit its needs. This is all thanks to the clever micro-computerised chip integrated into the design.
  • Versatile cooking – This multi-cook appliance isn’t just well suited for rice cooking, but it can also cook a variety of other food such as porridge, soup, yoghurt, and much more.
  • 45 cooking programs – Regardless of what you are cooking, this Tefal cooker comes fully equipped with 45 different cooking programs so you can be sure you have a program to suit the needs of all the foods you want to cook.
  • Healthier eating – This product was designed with healthier eating in mind which is why it comes with the patented spherical aluminium bowl that helps lock in all the nutrients and other goodness.
  • Multiple accessories – This product comes with plenty of accessories to make your cooking experience even easier. Not only will you be presented with an easy to follow instruction booklet, but you will also get the steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, and the spoon rack to make your experience easier.
  • Transparent viewing window – Whatever you are cooking you will be able to check on its progress throughout the whole process thanks to the transparent viewing window integrated into its lid design.
  • DIY Chef – This product not only comes with 45 of its own functions to suit your needs but you will also be able to adjust the time and temperature to suit the needs of other foods, and then save it as your own program thanks to the DIY Chef feature.
  • Delayed start – The handy delayed start feature this product comes with is very handy for those that are out all day. Simply fill it up with your ingredients in the morning and then set the delayed start time to suit. Your food will then start cooking as soon as you walk through the front door!
  • Auto keep warm – The auto keep warm function is brilliant for those that take advantage of the delayed start feature this product comes with. If you are running a bit late to come home then the food will already begin cooking and it will stay warm until you are able to serve it.

In terms of affordability, this product is in the mid-range of products because there are cheaper products around, but with everything this cooker offers definitely makes it worth spending the extra money on. It has everything from a transparent viewing window that will let you observe your food, to an extremely helpful feature in DIY Chef that will let you save your own programs for later use – so it should really be in the higher-end market if anything. If you are truly looking for a multi-cooker that is going to suit your every need when cooking ingredients in quick time, then you should definitely consider the Tefal and all of the features it offers.


Features: DIY Chef – Healthier eating – 5 litre capacity – Multiple accessories – Viewing window

Pricing: Mid-Range

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Multi Cooker Reviews – Best Of 2020 – 2021

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Multi-Function Cookers: Product Comparison

The wide array of multi cookers out there on the market, which help to reduce cooking times, offer convenience in busy modern lives and produce better-flavoured food, can get confusing fast when there are just so many different options to choose from. Add in the dozens of features you can get with a multi cooker these days, and many people are left completely in the dark about what’s best for their needs. With the comparisons provided by this guide, though, you’ll have no trouble making an easy decision on what to buy.

Instant Pot Duo Review – Our Number 1

Instant Pot DuoAny multi cooker which offers seven different functions is promising a lot, but for the price, this cooker really does seem to be an all-in-one appliance with a real commitment to simplifying life in the kitchen — and outside it (VIEW PRICE HERE!).

  • Able to pressure-cook, slow-cook, make yoghurt and steam dishes, as well as cook rice, sauté meat and vegetables and warm food through, the ‘7-in-1’ promise of this cooker’s name holds true. To achieve these, it boasts an incredible fourteen built-in programs — for soups, stews, beans, chillis, poultry and more — that offer three different temperatures for slow-cooking or sauté
  • Dual-pressure cooking and automatic keep-warm systems really add to the functionality of this product, the latter holding heat into the food for up to ten hours after a cooking cycle.
  • Its timer allows for delayed cooking by up to 24 hours, which fits perfectly into a busy schedule, while the embedded microprocessor automatically adjusts heating intensity when needed without any fuss — no more worries about regulating it yourself! However, you can manually set the cooker, if so desired, for up to 3 hours of pressure-cooking or 24 hours of slow-cooking. The large control panel, which can be used to change settings literally at the press of a button, makes this a highly accessible product.
  • The dishwasher-safe, stainless-steel inner cooking pot has a 3-ply base that can work independently on all hobs (with the exclusion of induction models), allowing you to prepare different ingredients separately before combining them. The lid is also stainless steel, which makes both of the components incredibly easy to clean within moments.
  • The manufacturer promises 10 in-built safety mechanisms, and the cooker itself is virtually silent and emits very little heat to its surroundings. The 1000-watt power consumption is fairly energy-efficient, too.

With handy how-to videos on both its UK and US websites, the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is simple to use and blissfully stress-free. As with any kitchen appliance, you’ll need sufficient cupboard space to store it — it is rather large. Although expensive, this is definitely a purchase worth considering for the sheer convenience it offers, all in one attractive product.

Features: seven functions in one 14 built-in programs dual-pressure automatic keep-warm for up to 10 hours timer with delay of up to 24 hours microprocessor-controlled stainless-steel inner pot dishwasher-safe 10 built-in safety mechanisms comes with ladle, measuring cup and recipe book

Pricing: high-end

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Redmond M90E Review – Number 2

Redmond M90EIf you’re looking for a mid-sized, easy-to-store multi-cooker that retains incredible versatility, you’re definitely going to want to check out this Redmond M90E Series model. With an unbelievable 45 functions in total and a compact design that can cook a good volume of food, we’d say it’s seriously good value.

  • The sheer number of functions offered by this multi-cooker is staggering. 17 automatic and 28 manual programs allow you to prepare dishes ranging all the way from soups to pizza to pasta to yoghurt, and many more — and with a detailed instruction manuel and hundred-strong recipe book, absolute beginners will be cooking in no time.
  • Additional keep-warm and reheat functions are both set up to allow periods of up to 24 hours in between cooking and eating a meal, and the switch between cooking and keeping food warm when the process is completed is instantaneous and automatic. Its easy-to-read digital display in colour LED will notify you when this happens, as well as allowing you to change settings literally with the press of a button.
  • For the amount of versatility it offers, this cooker’s power consumption isn’t too high — 860 watts for its 5-litre capacity is really rather reasonable, and since it’s designed to replace a large number of traditional kitchen appliances, you’ll be saving on energy costs overall. Three-way heating — from the bottom, sides and top — ensures a really even, consistent cook all the way through your food.
  • With a non-stick ceramic inner bowl that can double as a serving vessel, it’s a breeze to wash up and keep clean over long periods of frequent use.
  • The inner steaming basket is a great addition for those who like to prepare vegetables, fish and so much more — you can make a whole meal in one go!

Coming with a 100-strong recipe book, this compact, aesthetically pleasing cooker is a great choice for anyone who is interested in creating literally hundreds of different dishes! Although pricy, it’s likely worth it for its versatility and attractive design.

Features: 45 functions (17 automatic and 28 manual) keep-warm and reheat settings three-way heating digital display with colour LED non-stick inner bowl steaming basket

Pricing: high-end

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Crock-Pot Review – Number 3

Crock-Pot Multi-CookerCrock-Pot’s brand reliability for slow cookers is well-known, and now you can transfer that renown over to your own kitchen with this high-capacity multi-cooker. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

  • With a 5.6-litre capacity, it’s a perfect option no matter the size of your household — its large volume simply means you can cook decent amounts and freeze them for later, putting the convenience into multi-cooking.
  • The simpler six functions it offers might seem inadequate to some, but there’s no need to fiddle around with multi-function buttons here — you can roast, sauté, steam, bake, sear and slow-cook (for up to 12 hours) with this versatile little cooker, making casseroles, curries, vegetables and fish dishes at the press of a button. The roasting rack and rice-measuring cup provided are handy, too.
  • A handy digital display features a separate, clearly laid-out button for each program, and easy-to-use controls — you can manually adjust the time, as well as temperature, or leave it to do its work. Using much less power than a conventional oven, this multi cooker can prepare meals with just the flip of a switch.
  • A useful keep-warm function automatically commences when the cooking process is finished, meaning you can rely on your meal to be ready when you are.
  • The tempered glass lid — which allows you to check on your cooking without interrupting it — and non-stick inner pot, which doubles as a serving vessel, are both dishwasher-safe to make cleaning easier than ever.

With an uncomplicated design and easy-to-use controls, this simple multi-cooker couldn’t be a more practical and versatile aid for your kitchen. Large enough to prepare big cuts of meat, but not too large to store when you have limited space, it’s a great-value option for practically any household.

Features: six functions (keep-warm included) digital display manual time adjustment tempered glass lid non-stick inner pot dishwasher-safe

Pricing: mid-range

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Redmond M4502E Review – Number 4

Redmond M4502EThis versatile Redmond multi cooker shares some features with its cousin (listed above), but isn’t quite the same — which is important in the long run. Bound to come in handy for practically any kitchen, it’s equipped with an amazing number of functions that will spice up your inner chef’s life!

  • Its 5-litre capacity is large enough for almost any dish you please, from whole chickens to curries, stews, soups and more. Household size needn’t be a worry — if you’re a smaller family, you can simply cook large portions at a time and save some for later.
  • Although it lacks the 45 functions of the other Redmond model reviewed above, 34 still isn’t anything to sniff at. 16 of these are automatic, while 18 feature manual control — you can prepare a whole range of dishes, running the gamut from curries and pasta to French fries and yoghurts! A handy digital display makes controlling the settings a breeze. There are also keep-warm and reheat functions, the former of which can keep your meal ready and waiting for up to 24 hours.
  • The removable inner bowl, which can double as a serving vessel, is non-stick for easy cleaning, and the cooker features three-way heating technology that, aided by a microprocessor, warms food from the top, bottom and sides.
  • Also included are a useful few accoutrements, like a steaming rack, tongs and a deep-fry basket, as well as a book with a hundred unique recipes to help you get started.

With the plethora of useful features offered, this multi-cooker really goes the extra mile. It may not have the option of pressure-cooking, but if you’re looking to save time as well as money, it’s a perfectly good option for anyone interested in learning to use a multi-cooker — and doing it right.

Features: 34 programs (16 automatic, 18 manual) removable non-stick inner bowl three-way heating steaming rack deep-fry basket

Pricing: mid-range

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Russell Hobbs 21850 Review – Number 5

Russell Hobbs 21850Russell Hobbs have always offered a fine range of kitchen appliances, and now with this multi-cooker, you can add a whole new level of convenience to your kitchen. With plenty of functions and a nice compact size, it’ll be a boon to almost any household.

  • The 5-litre capacity means you can cook almost any dish that’ll fit — even a whole chicken or other sizeable cuts of meat! While smaller portions don’t always fare so well, it’s actually more convenient to cook up large batches of food and save them for later — in both time and money.
  • Eleven varied programs — varying from steaming, slow-cooking and stewing, all the way to specialised meat, fish, bread and yoghurt settings — offer an abundance of dishes to be made, with no more than the press of a button. This cooker also has a keep-warm function that doesn’t dry food out, so your meals will always be ready when you are.
  • With an easy-to-clean stainless-steel body, this multi cooker is both attractive and convenient — and can be tidied neatly away to keep your work surfaces clean and clear. A useful handle allows it to be moved easily, while the outside of the cooker doesn’t get hot to the touch even after hours of cooking.
  • A non-stick aluminium inner cooking pot is the only part that regularly needs washing, and that’s just as simple as giving it a quick rinse with soapy water. The aluminium composition also allows for very even all-over heating, so there’s no need to worry about some parts of your food being more underdone than others.
  • The LED-display digital panel is simple and easy to use, while the cooker features a timer that can be set for up to 24 hours ahead — perfect for busy modern lives.

This surprisingly affordable multi cooker will do wonders for any kitchen. Its eleven settings can be activated with just the touch of a button, while the non-stick aluminium coating of the inner cooking pot is both effective and easy-cleaning.

Features: 11 programs keep-warm function non-stick inner pot digital display 24-hour timer

Pricing: affordable

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Russell Hobbs have outdone themselves again with their simple, attractive 21850 Multi Cooker. Easy to use, with enough functions to make a wide variety of dishes but not so many that you’re spoilt for choice, it’s incredibly well-priced for what it offers, and the 24-hour timer is definitely a bonus. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better multi cooker for an equivalent value anywhere!

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