Crock Pot Rice Cooker Review 2020 – 2021


Crock-Pot Digital Rice Cooker

The Crock-Pot Digital Rice Cooker was designed to not only cook rice and other culinary foods, but it was designed to cook a variety of ingredients all in one pot to suit the needs of the consumer. Whether you are looking to cook different types of rice, or you want to make puddings and cook pasta, the Crock-Pot has the technology to allow you to do just that.

It has the ability to cook fish and vegetables along with the rice at the same time thanks to the introduction of a steamer tray, and along with plenty of other features to make cooking your favourite rice meals a breeze. Whether you are learning to cook or you have plenty of experience, you can be sure the Crock-Pot (Shop now) has plenty of features that will make cooking your favourite meals much more simple.

crock-pot-digital-rice-cookerThe Crock-Pot offers a lot more than other rice cookers on the market, and still retains the simple features that allow users to worry about nothing else other than serving great tasting meals. This product is perfect for bigger families as its 1.8 Litre pot capacity can serve up to 10 people with perfect tasting rice. This product is also very versatile in the sense that it can cook a variety of rice, so whether you enjoy white or brown, or sauté, you can be sure the Crock-Pot will deliver the best tasting rice around to your needs.

The Crock-Pot is very easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher safe components, and along with the fact this product comes with a variety of features that make cooking for larger families easier, definitely makes it a strong competitor in the rice cookers market. Have a look at some of the many features the Crock-Pot provides its consumers:

  • Versatile – This Crock-Pot is able to cater for a variety of rice’s so whatever your favourite rice is you can be sure the Crock-Pot can cook it to perfection.
  • Sauté function – If you are one of those fried rice lovers you will love the Crock-Pot thanks to its sauté feature. This feature was implemented specifically for users to fry their own rice to suit their specific tastes.
  • Multiple accessories – This product comes with a paddle, measuring cup, steamer tray and a variety of recipes for you to take advantage of so you can cook different rice meals on a daily basis.
  • Multiple functions – This Crock-Pot comes fully implemented with a couple of functions to provide you with an even easier rice cooking experience. You have the options to either steam or keep your rice warm to suit your needs.
  • 8 Litre pot capacity – This massive pot can serve up to 10 people thanks to its 1.8 Litre capacity. Simply remove the pot when cooking is finished and let everyone serve themselves with ease.
  • Steamer tray – If you wish to cook your rice with your favourite meats and vegetables that is now possible thanks to the Crock-Pot steamer tray. Simply add your fish or meat to the tray and being cooking as you normally would.
  • Easy to clean – The pot and tempered glass lid are very easy to clean thanks to the fact they were designed to be dishwasher safe. Once you have finished cooking simply chuck them in the dishwasher and let that handle your cleaning requirements.
  • Non-stick pot – The Crock-Pot wouldn’t be a lot without its non-stick cooking pot. Whatever rice you choose to cook you can be sure it isn’t going to stick to the pot and ruin your meal.
  • Tempered glass lid – The tempered glass lid will ensure it is fully robust and won’t break. Along with the fact it provides a clear viewing window for you to observe your food whilst it’s cooking.

There aren’t any better rice cookers on the market today, especially not any that can provide all of the above and still be in the affordable price bracket. The Crock-Pot offers consumers the ability to be different when cooking a variety of meals thanks to the steamer tray that can cook fish and other meats at the same time as the rice – so if you enjoy something different on a daily basis, the Crock-Pot will help you deliver. The Crock-Pot is built around a slow cooker so you can ensure that when cooking throughout the day, the meals will contain all of their nutrients and taste even better when serving.

There isn’t a lot the Crock-Pot can’t do, and with all of the above features and its ease of us, definitely makes this a winner among other rice cookers on the market. If you are looking for a new rice cooker that isn’t that expensive, you should definitely consider the Crock-Pot and all of its handy features.


Features: Multiple cooking functions – 1.8 Litre capacity – Steamer tray – Tempered glass lid – Sauté function

Pricing: Affordable

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