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Judge 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker

The Judge range has been around for a long time and continues to provide top quality slow cookers to kitchen enthusiasts around the world. The new Judge 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker (Shop now) is very simple and consists of only a handful of features to keep your slow cooking requirements as simple as possible.

Whether you are slow cooking a casserole or a nice curry, you can be sure that when using the Judge 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker your food always ends up tasting great. This slow cooker was designed with energy efficiency in mind so even if you start the cook early in the morning ready to eat late in the evening, you can be sure that only the smallest amount of energy is used in the process – you will not be shocked every month with high electricity bills no matter how much you use the product.

new-judge-3-5-litre-slow-cookerIn terms of healthy eating, this product was designed to be as healthy as possible which is why it is capable of trapping in nutrients and vitamins thanks to its self-insulating lid. This also means that plenty of energy is saved because less energy is used in having to heat up the slow cooker.

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When you look at other slow cookers on the market you will be bombarded with plenty of features that possibly make slow cooking a little bit more complex, but this one only consists of a front knob for you to adjust the heat – and that is the only thing you need to worry about when using this cooker. If you are looking for a very affordable slow cooker that is simple and easy to use, then you may consider the Judge 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker for your requirements. Have a look at some of the features this slow cooker is able to offer:

  • 5 Litre Capacity – This slow cooker from New Judge comes with a 3.5 litre capacity which is ample room to fit enough food in it for up to 4 people. This slow cooker is perfect for average sized families so parents can prepare food in the day and have it ready to serve for when the kids are home later in the day.
  • Self-insulating lid – The self-insulating lid was designed with energy-saving in mind to not only keep the heat inside of the pot but to also increase the temperature depending on the heat settings chosen on the front of the slow cooker. The lid was also designed to lock in all the nutrients for healthier food, which also means food tastes even better.
  • Multiple heat settings – With a knob at the front of the slow cooker, users will easily be able to change the heat between 3 different settings. These include low (80 degrees), high (95 degrees), or keep warm (54 degrees).
  • Energy efficiency in mind – The Judge brand wanted to manufacture a slow cooker that was not only easy to use but was also highly energy efficient so users could use it on a daily basis without using too much electric.
  • Ceramic pot – The ceramic pot is often included in slow cookers and Judge decided it was the best option not only for slow cooking capabilities but also because they are much easier to clean than using traditional pots. The great thing about using ceramic pots in slow cookers is that they are also dishwasher safe, and they are small enough to fit in the oven to finish off cooking food if need be.
  • Sample recipes – Judge has included a simple recipe booklet so you can try something new every day with your new slow cooker – it’s especially great for cooking a tasty curry.
  • 2 year guarantee – You will have peace of mind knowing that Judge has included a 2 year guarantee with the purchase so if anything should ever go wrong with your Judge product it will either be repaired or replaced free of charge.
  • Compact design – This slow cooker from Judge is very compact so even if your kitchen is filled up with other tools and equipment you can be sure you will find a nice small area for your Judge slow cooker to fit in. It is also very modern and fits well into any kitchen.
  • Glass see-through lid – Check on your food whenever you see fit thanks to the glass lid supplied with the slow cooker.

This slow cooker from Judge might not be very feature-rich. But what it does offer is a simple slow cooking experience which is more than enough for a lot of people. With the simple knob on the front to allow you to adjust the heat between 3 different settings is all it takes to start cooking tasty meals. The ceramic bowl can be placed in the over to finish off cooking and it is easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher safe capabilities.

This slow cooker was designed to be as energy friendly as possible which is why it was developed with a self-insulating lid that keeps the heat circulating inside. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about this product other than the fact it is one of the cheapest slow cookers in the industry and does everything you need it to. If you are on the lookout for a new one, you should definitely consider the Judge 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker thanks to its simplicity.


Features: 3 heat settings – 3.5L capacity – Energy efficient – Self-insulating lid

Pricing: Affordable

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