Rice Cooker Reviews – Best Of 2017 – 2018

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Hamilton Beach 3 cooking functions (heat/simmer, steam-cook and keep warm) — capacity markings — digital display — timer for up to 15 hours ahead — non-stick pot — dishwasher-safe lid — steaming tray Mid-range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Tefal 2 functions (automatic cooking and keep-warm) — steaming basket — water-level markings — non-stick inner bowl — dishwasher- safe Mid-range VIEW PRICE HERE!

VonShef 2 functions (automatic cooking and keep-warm) — locking lid — non-stick pot — heat-insulated cover — removable power cord Mid-range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Lloytron Keep- warm function — non-stick pot — glass lid — measuring cup and spatula included Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Andrew James automatic cooking & keep-warm function — steaming basket — non-stick bowl — glass lid — measuring cup & serving spoon Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Rice Cooker Product Comparison

There are so many different models of rice cooker out there on the market that it can be a real struggle deciding which one to buy. In general, rice cookers are convenient and uncomplicated to use, given that they serve the purpose of creating hassle-free dishes; however, the dozens of different features on offer can get confusing. Here, we’re going to take five different models and compare them so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker Review – Our Number 1

Hamilton Beach Digital Rice CookerA great all-around cooker, this is a product that does more than just prepare plain rice. Large and attractive, it’s a fantastic option for those who want to get some real use out of their rice cooker and aren’t afraid to try new things (see the best price here).

  • With a listed capacity of 4.75 litres and an actual capacity that’s a little lower, this rice cooker is nevertheless highly capable of cooking amounts of rice as low as 1 litre with minimal fuss. The inner pot has handy markings on the side that indicates the amount of servings it will provide, so if you’re cooking for four people, you simply need to fill it to the ‘4’
  • Able to handle three different types of rice — white rice, quick rice and whole-grain rice — this product’s capabilities are well-complemented by the three different cooking functions it provides. These are named by the manufacturer as heat/simmer, steam cook and keep warm — and once the dish you’re preparing is cooked, this rice cooker automatically switches to the latter setting. Heat/simmer, on the other hand, is an ideal setting for beans, soups, pasta/rice mixes and more.
  • A useful timer allows you to delay cooking by up to 15 hours, which is absolutely ideal for those of us with busy working lives. You can come home to a perfectly cooked meal, and you’ll simply have to put the ingredients together in the morning and press a few buttons on the highly accessible digital display!
  • The steaming tray can be used for dumplings, vegetables and more, so you can cook an entire meal in this rice cooker with no fuss.
  • Easy to clean, with a non-stick coating removable cooking pot and a dishwasher-safe lid, customers report that water leakage isn’t an issue either — and that its simplicity really makes it worth it.

Producing light, fluffy rice, this is an excellent if large rice cooker that’s nevertheless suitable for all sorts of household arrangements, from couples to sizeable families. If you don’t have much counter-top or storage space, it might be one to pass up on — but its easy cleaning and various helpful features might make it worth the price!

Features: three cooking functions (heat/simmer, steam-cook and keep warm) — capacity markings — digital display — timer for up to 15 hours ahead — non-stick pot — dishwasher-safe lid — steaming tray

Pricing: mid-range

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Tefal Cooltouch Rice Cooker Review – Number 2

Tefal Cooltouch Rice CookerThis versatile rice cooker is something of an investment at its price, but it’s able to handle so many different types of rice and prepare them so perfectly that you may be willing to look past that. Let’s take a look at some of the features it offers.

  • With a 10-cup or 1.8-litre maximum capacity, this rice cooker can comfortably handle loads of up to about 8 cups. 1 cup won’t do, unfortunately, and small amounts may get burnt, but if you’re the thrifty sort who likes to cook large amounts and save the rest for later, this is a great option. The water-level mark helps you keep control over portion sizes, too.
  • Able to handle all sorts of rice from Jasmin and Basmati to glutinous or simply just white rice, this cooker has automatic cooking and keep-warm functions — it is able to calculate the exact cooking time independently, depending on the amount of water and rice placed in the bowl. After it’s done, it switches automatically to keep-warm, meaning that it will be ready when you are.
  • Like the Hamilton Beach model discussed above, the steaming basket allows you to prepare potatoes, vegetables and fish, among other things, as your rice cooks, meaning it’s no trouble to put together an entire meal!
  • The removable, non-stick inner bowl is easy to clean, and its plastic-handled glass lid is totally dishwasher-safe — as well as allowing you to check on your rice whenever you like without disturbing the cooking process.

Although it has no delayed-start or soup modes, unlike other models of rice cooker, its cool-wall body and non-slip feet ensure that there’s no risk of accidents — and its versatility, along with the self-adjusting automatic cooking mode, is really useful.

Features: two functions (automatic cooking and keep-warm) — steaming basket — water-level markings — non-stick inner bowl — dishwasher-safe

Pricing: mid-range

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VonShef Rice Cooker Review – Number 3

VonShef 1.8 Litre Rice CookerVonShef is known for its attractively designed and versatile kitchen appliances, and this rice cooker is no exception. Inexpensive for the amount it does in the kitchen and coming with lots of useful features, this is a great option for novices.

  • With a 1.4-litre capacity that can cook up to 8 cups of rice, 6 or 7 being a realistic maximum depending on the type of rice, small families who eat a lot of rice dishes will find this rice cooker really useful. It’s perhaps not ideal for single-person or couple households, unless you entertain guests frequently. Its 540-watt power consumption isn’t the highest we’ve come across — for its size, it’s fairly standard.
  • This is a rice cooker that produces plain rice that’s perfectly fluffy and dry, but it can also cook risotto, paella, pasta dishes and oat-based meals. Its simplicity of use means that you don’t have to mess around with different settings in order to produce different meals — you just have to press a few buttons, and away you go! It does, however, have a handy keep-warm feature that automatically activates once cooking is complete, and indicator lights for the start and keep-warm functions, too.
  • The non-stick removable cooking pot makes cleaning up a breeze, and can also be used as a serving vessel.
  • Its lid locks tight, but has a push-button release for convenience; there’s also a heat-insulated cover to keep your dishes fresh and moist until you’re ready.

With its attractive, compact monochrome look and removable power cord for easy storage, this is definitely a rice cooker that offers plenty of bang for your buck. Although it doesn’t boast a timer, it’s a good option for small kitchens and those who are inexperienced with rice cookers, due to its safety-first design and easy cleaning.

Features: two functions (automatic cooking and keep-warm) — locking lid — non-stick pot — heat-insulated cover — removable power cord

Pricing: mid-range

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Lloytron Kitchen Rice Cooker Review – Number 4

Lloytron KitchenIf you’re looking for a budget-friendly, petite rice cooker that’s great for a one- or two-person household and can handle different types of rice for a varied cooking experience, look no further. Offering an uncomplicated design and an easy-to-use display, it’s definitely a good option to consider for those who are perhaps newer to rice cookers in general.

  • The 0.8-litre capacity this rice cooker offers is lower than others, translating to a volume of approximately 4 cups of uncooked rice — in reality, it functions best at a capacity of around 3 cups, according to customer reviewers. At 350 watts, it’s powerful and no-nonsense, but also not exactly energy-intensive.
  • Featuring a keep-warm setting and simple controls, the cooker ensures that your rice is ready when you are, and you can prepare other dishes in the meantime.
  • It’s easy to clean, with a non-stick, removable aluminium rice bowl that you can serve food from if you so wish and a toughened glass lid with a stainless steel rim, so you can check on your rice without interrupting the delicate cooking process.
  • Coming with a handy measuring cup and spatula, as well as a recipe book, it’s easier than ever to get started with rice cooking.

Although this basic, simple model doesn’t feature some of the amenities — like a timer, a digital display or a steaming basket — that higher-end models of rice cooker do, it’s still worth a look if you’re interested in getting started, but don’t want to splash out just yet.

Features: keep-warm function — non-stick pot — glass lid — measuring cup and spatula included

Pricing: affordable

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Andrew James Rice Cooker Review – Number 5

Andrew James Rice CookerAndrew James, known for their attractive and high-quality kitchen appliances, have branched out into rice cookers with this striking product. Well-reviewed all around, we can picture this being a great option for practically any household.

  • With a 1.8-litre capacity — around 10 cups, or more realistically, 8 or so — this rice cooker can feed a good-sized family with no trouble at all. Smaller amounts don’t work so well — they can end up burnt around the edges if you’re not careful — but reviewers report that two or more cups of rice is a perfectly adequate quantity.
  • The useful keep-warm function, which switches on automatically when the cooking process is finished, ensures that your food will be ready when you are. At 700 watts, it’s fairly energy-efficient — and considering the taxing requirements of a conventional stove, it uses much less power overall.
  • This rice cooker comes with a stainless-steel steaming basket, perfect for preparing fish, vegetables and more — so you can make an entire meal in one go.
  • The removable non-stick bowl doubles as a serving vessel at the dinner table, while being easy to clean straight away after use — and to help you work out portion sizes, this cooker comes with a provided measuring cup and serving spoon.
  • The glass lid allows you to check on your dishes without interrupting the cooking process, and won’t get stained — it’s easy to wipe down.

This rice cooker is not only beautiful, but ergonomically designed and easy to use, prioritising convenience and simplicity, and the manufacturers have clearly put a lot of thought into it. While the lack of a timer might bother some, the steaming basket is an additional boon that will be valued in any kitchen setting.

Features: automatic cooking and keep-warm function — steaming basket — non-stick bowl — glass lid — measuring cup and serving spoon

Pricing: affordable

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Andrew James have gone the extra mile with their stainless steel 1.8-litre rice cooker. Good value for money and blissfully simple to use, it takes away the hassle of continued observation and — most importantly — can cook many different types of rice without a problem. It’s not too large for most kitchens and very energy-efficient. Suitable for all sorts of users, from novice chefs to more experienced cooks who are just looking for a handy product that will help speed things along in the kitchen, this automatic rice cooker is one of the best for its price on the market.

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