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Sage By Heston Blumenthal Slow Cooker

Sage By Heston Blumenthal is a brand that you can trust and is one that has been providing quality kitchen products for years. Whether you are looking for a toaster or a slow cooker, Sage By Heston know a thing or two about all kitchen products which is why they are a popular brand among many kitchen enthusiasts worldwide. The Sage By Heston Blumenthal Slow Cooker (Shop now) is another product in their range that can cater for a lot of families all seeking different cooking experiences. Whether it’s a small family that only wants a simple meal consisting of chicken curry, or a family of six wanting a roast dinner – this product has the capacity to cater for families of all sizes. This product comes with an easy to use LCD display that allows users to change a variety of settings and choose different programs to suit the meals they are cooking, so it’s a very diverse product that has the ability to meet any cooking needs.

sage-by-heston-blumenthal-the-fast-slow-cooker-proIn terms of reliability and a long lasting relationship, you can already guarantee that thanks to it being a Sage By Heston Blumenthal product, and even if it doesn’t meet your needs, the support you will get from the company is outstanding. With everything this product comes with and it being a brand you can trust, definitely makes this slow cooker a very competitive one in its market. There are a few slow cookers that are top of the range in its market which just goes to show its ability and the features it has to be able to compete. This product is built with slow cooking in mind, but it was also designed for those wanting a quicker cooker time which is why it has a fast feature to cut cooking time be up to two-thirds. If you are looking for a quality slow cooker by a quality brand, have a look at some of the other features this product by Sage By Heston Blumenthal is able to provide:

  • Dual sensors – This slow cooker comes with dual sensors at the top and bottom of the cooker, and they are there to determine the overall heat of the ingredients. They will monitor the heat throughout the cooking process and adjust to suit the specific ingredients needs, so you will always get consistently cooked food that tastes great..
  • Massive 6 Litre capacity – The massive 6 litre capacity will ensure your whole family is catered for when cooking, so you can all enjoy the same meal without having to cook twice. This is one of the biggest slow cookers on the market and will suit big families of up to six people.

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  • Multiple cooking functions – This might be a slow cooker, but it also has many different cooking functions so you can cook a variety of meals to suit your tastes. It also comes with the ability to pressure cook, steam, reduce, sauté, and sear just from simply adjusting a setting on the LCD display.
  • LCD Display – The LCD display screen is perfect for those wanting to adjust certain settings and use a variety of programs to suit their needs. It comes with twelve smart menus, eight smart programs, and different heat settings to suit your needs – so you can be sure that the amount of meals you can cook with this appliance are endless.
  • Multiple pressure levels – This product comes with eight different pressure levels to suit not only the food’s needs, but also your needs. You can increase the pressure for faster cooking or lower it for much slower cooking depending on your requirements.
  • Three heat settings – This slow cooker provides three different heat settings that will let you adjust the temperature depending on the speed and ingredient you are cooking. This also means that it can suit the amount of time you have available to cook instead of waiting around for food to finish cooking.
  • Stainless steel design – The beautiful stainless steel design is very modern and looks good in any modern kitchen. This slow cooker not only provides an amazing cooking experience for anyone that used it, but as a bonus it also looks terrific and will compliment any kitchen.
  • Multiple safety mechanisms – Sage By Heston Blumenthal wanted to create a product that was not only versatile, but one that was also safe for anyone that used it. This is why they designed this product with three different safety mechanisms to make the experience even safer. It comes with safety locking lid, hands-free steam release, and a safety valve.
  • Variety of meals – No matter what ingredient you want to cook using this slow cooker, you can ensure that it has the features and settings to make it happen. Whether you want to cook a roast dinner, or even a pudding for afterwards, this cooker has the technology and the know-how to meet your demands.
  • Fast & Slow cooking – With the Sage By Heston Blumenthal Slow Cooker, you can also turn it into a fast cooker for much quicker cooking times thanks to the technology implemented into this design. This means that you can have both a slow cooker and a conventional pressure cooker all in one easy to use design.

This product is in the high-end range for good reason, and that is because of not only the brand in Sage By Heston Blumenthal, but also because of the easy to use experience it provides. Whether you are an experienced cook or a complete newbie, this product is able to provide the experience for both worlds. With all of the features it provides and the price tag it comes at, certainly makes it worth digging deep to own one. If you are looking for a quality slow cooker that has features that will make your cooking experience much easier, you should definitely consider the Sage By Heston Blumenthal Slow Cooker for your cooking requirements.


Features: Dual Sensors – LCD Display – Different Pressure Levels – Three Heat Settings – 6 Litre Capacity

Pricing: High-End

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