Tefal Rice Cooker Review 2020 – 2021


Tefal MultiCook Advanced Rice Cooker

The French cookware brand in Tefal has been providing quality kitchen products to the cooking community for over 70 years now and continues to be one of the most popular brands around. They have a diverse range of products that delve into a variety of kitchen markets to suit the needs of their users.

Their Tefal MultiCook Advanced Rice Cooker (Shop now) offers something different than the rest of their products because this one is able to cook a variety of foods to suit the needs of the consumer. If you are currently looking for a product that is not only able to handle your rice requirements, but also porridge in the mornings and even baby food, then the Tefal MultiCook could be what you’re looking for.

tefal-multicook-advancedIts patented spherical aluminium bowl included with the purchase will ensure consistent cooking regardless of the food, and with other features such as the LCD Control Panel to help you adjust times and select programs, makes this one of the best mini cookers on the market.

This cooker comes with 45 different programs to suit multiple ingredients so you can be sure that whatever you are cooking you can just select a program and it will do the rest of the work. Of course, the programs won’t always suit your tastes, which is why Tefal designed another feature in DIY Chef that will help you save your own programs for later use. Have a look at some of the other many features this Tefal product provides:

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  • LCD Control Panel – The handy LCD control panel will let you make any adjustments to cooking to suit your needs. You will also be able to select different programs and check on the time remaining, along with many other features the LCD control panel comes with.
  • Large 5 Litre Capacity – If you have a large family this Tefal cooker is perfect. It has a 5 litre capacity cowl so you can cook up to 20 portions at any one time, making this multi-cooker one of the most convenient on the market.
  • Aluminium Bowl – The aluminium bowl included within this rice cooker is patented because of its spherical design that contains 5 layers for the best cooking results. This means that the rice is cooked evenly throughout the cooking process for even better tasting rice.
  • Automatic time adjustment – Depending on the cooking ingredients you use in this Tefal cooker will depend on the time it takes to cook. The automatic time adjustment technology will take into account what you are cooking and will adjust the time to suit its needs. This is all thanks to the clever micro-computerised chip integrated into the design.
  • Versatile cooking – This multi-cook appliance isn’t just well suited for rice cooking, but it can also cook a variety of other food such as porridge, soup, yoghurt, and much more.
  • 45 cooking programs – Regardless of what you are cooking, this Tefal cooker comes fully equipped with 45 different cooking programs so you can be sure you have a program to suit the needs of all the foods you want to cook.
  • Healthier eating – This product was designed with healthier eating in mind which is why it comes with the patented spherical aluminium bowl that helps lock in all the nutrients and other goodness.
  • Multiple accessories – This product comes with plenty of accessories to make your cooking experience even easier. Not only will you be presented with an easy to follow instruction booklet, but you will also get the steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, and the spoon rack to make your experience easier.
  • Transparent viewing window – Whatever you are cooking you will be able to check on its progress throughout the whole process thanks to the transparent viewing window integrated into its lid design.
  • DIY Chef – This product not only comes with 45 of its own functions to suit your needs but you will also be able to adjust the time and temperature to suit the needs of other foods, and then save it as your own program thanks to the DIY Chef feature.
  • Delayed start – The handy delayed start feature this product comes with is very handy for those that are out all day. Simply fill it up with your ingredients in the morning and then set the delayed start time to suit. Your food will then start cooking as soon as you walk through the front door!
  • Auto keep warm – The auto keep warm function is brilliant for those that take advantage of the delayed start feature this product comes with. If you are running a bit late to come home then the food will already begin cooking and it will stay warm until you are able to serve it.

In terms of affordability, this product is in the mid-range of products because there are cheaper products around, but with everything this cooker offers definitely makes it worth spending the extra money on. It has everything from a transparent viewing window that will let you observe your food, to an extremely helpful feature in DIY Chef that will let you save your own programs for later use – so it should really be in the higher-end market if anything. If you are truly looking for a multi-cooker that is going to suit your every need when cooking ingredients in quick time, then you should definitely consider the Tefal and all of the features it offers.


Features: DIY Chef – Healthier eating – 5 litre capacity – Multiple accessories – Viewing window

Pricing: Mid-Range

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