What Is A Range Cooker? Let’s Find Out!

Range cookers – also known as “cookers” – are the most common type of domestic cooker. They are separate from the kitchen sink, and have an oven as well as either a hob or two hobs and an extractor fan for cleaning fumes.

The hob is often found on the left of the cooker while the oven is usually on the right.

Range cookers offer everything you need in one appliance. Boiling, frying, roasting, simmering and baking are all possible with a range cooker, with no need for an oven, hob or grill.

The only other appliance you need in your kitchen is a cooker hood. Range cookers are available in sizes to suit all families.

If you don’t have a lot of space, choose a compact range cooker. These are smaller than traditional range cookers, but can still offer plenty of versatility. If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, then a traditional range cooker would suit you better.

Most Range Cookers have a wok burner

Most Range Cookers have a wok burner. This is situated below the hob and above the oven, allowing you to stir-fry all your favourite dishes with ease.

You can also use it for frying bacon or making an omelette on a lazy Sunday morning while still being able to bake cakes in the oven at the same time.

We recommend checking if your cooker has this feature before purchasing – some models don’t offer griddle burners but they are worth looking out for as they will make cooking even easier!

Range Cookers can have two ovens

Range Cookers can have two ovens. The advantage of this is that you will never run out of space for your baking sheets again. But if the second oven isn’t big enough, it’s useless – so make sure to check before purchase!

Most Range Cookers come with a timer which allows you to program what time food should start cooking and when it would be done by – perfect for busy people who are always on the go. With one touch, you could also engage the fan or grill mode making life even easier!

Range Cookers have storage space

Some range cookers have storage space for pots and pans. These include a warming drawer that will allow anything in there to stay warm without drying out as well as keeping everything organized.

Advantages Of Range Cookers

The rise in popularity was largely thanks to two things; one, it allowed people to cook quicker and more efficiently which enabled them to have a better quality of life but also due to what has been coined as “Kitchen Envy.”

  • Range cookers are designed to speed up the cooking process and provide you with a lot of different options for what type of food can be cooked. 
  • Range cookers are more versatile than regular ovens because they can be used for different types of cooking such as roasting, boiling or baking.
  • They also have safety features which make them very convenient if you’re not around – this includes an emergency shut off button on most models so there’s no risk of overcooking food by accident while you’re away from home.
  • There are also many design options available including integrated dishwashers.
  • Range cookers use less energy because they heat only the pot or pan on top, not the entire oven cavity.
  • They also last much longer than a regular oven – most models offer at least 15 years of life span to back up their high quality construction and parts that are made to withstand heavy duty usage with little maintenance needed over time. This means you’ll be able to enjoy cooking for even more years without worrying about costly repairs down the road!

Disadvantages Of Range Cookers

  • Range cookers are not portable, meaning that you cannot take them to a potluck or other social event with friends and family
  • If there isn’t sufficient top storage then that could also be problematic as people often like storing things such as extra pots and pans here instead of taking up valuable kitchen cabinet space. As mentioned earlier, these appliances can be expensive to purchase and installing them means you need a professional installer, so this might not be the best option if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Range cookers are also less efficient when compared to conventional ovens because convection cooking takes longer with these appliances
  • Another thing to consider is that microwave/convection ovens are often more expensive than a conventional oven and range cooker combination

While there are not many disadvantages of range cookers, it’s worth noting that they’re typically bigger than an oven and take up more space in the kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen this may not be your best choice as most models only provide two oven spaces – one on top for baking, broiling, roasting and browning; another below which is used primarily as an electric griddle. There may be some models available which offer four oven spaces in total but again it depends what you’re looking for so always double check before purchasing!

Last words

Like all sorts of other appliances today – it’s important that people do their research before purchasing one of these range ovens as there are many considerations such as installation costs or whether there will even be enough top storage space once the appliance has been fitted into your kitchen.

This being said, having control over when certain items are cooked and knowing that you can prepare one dish at a time or cook all of the food in your oven with just the flick of an on switch is pretty awesome!

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